Chesa Boudin Recall: What is his legacy? The aftermath and implications?


Recall Chesa Boudin Committee

Chesa Boudin Recall: What is his legacy? The aftermath and implications?



We are the Yes on Recall Chesa Boudin Committee
An effort which began January, 2021 under the leadership of independent political commentator Richie Greenberg.


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Richie Greenberg, Election Day, Tuesday, June 7, 2022

This recall is a bittersweet effort, one which we should never have had to undertake in the first place. We shouldn't be popping champagne bottles. People have died under Chesa Boudin's watch. Lives have been ruined, families broken, business shuttered.

The voters of San Francisco have united, across the spectrum left-center- right- and independents. We have come together to send a resounding NO to Boudin's absurd rhetoric and excuses.

Let this recall send a clear message to the rest of City Hall officials, that we are unhappy with their governance. Polls recently shows dismally low approval ratings for the Board of Supervisors, who need to take a hard look in the mirror and consider actual changes they each need to make in addressing our city's myriad issues.

The recall of Chesa Boudin, this rogue, so-called "Progressive DAs" who clearly didn't embrace his required elected role to actually prosecute - his recall should send a clear message across the nation - that serving as District Attorney yet not holding criminals accountable is a dereliction of duty. Its fraud, a heinous misuse of public trust, it's dangerous, and highly destructive.

Let's also be absolutely clear, that this recall effort was not using any GOP playbook as some detractors have said. This is people-powered, its local voters flabbergasted by the gross negligence and malicious pro-crime, pro-drug dealer, pro-attacks against Asian communities and the rhetoric of the disgraced Chesa Boudin. To make real change in San Francisco, Boudin himself must be held accountable, because he refused to hold criminals accountable.

This recall was a very tough undertaking, beyond collecting a huge number of signatures to qualify for the ballot. Our effort has pitted voters against the machine of San Francisco politics. The machine which is in many aspects, corrupt, with nepotism, with no-bid contracts, with payoffs, with protecting of drug dealers, with denial we have a drug addiction problem and mental illness problem and we have a very big problem with ultra-left wing elected officials in city hall who they themselves have perpetuated this malignancy in the city which we love.

I thank each and every voter, I thank all the volunteers who worked countless hours. I thank the committees who've worked collecting signatures last year to qualify this recall for the ballot. I thank all the thousands of donors who made the recall possible. And we must pay tribute to all those victims who died under Chesa Boudin's watch, including Hanako Abe and Elizabeth Platt, the two women whose tragic deaths New Years Eve 2020/2021 were the impetus to begin this recall effort.





New Years Eve, December 31st 2020, tragedy stuck at 4:00pm in the SoMa area of San Francisco. A paroled felon by the name of Troy McAlister, drunk and driving a stolen car, ran a red light, lost control and struck Hanako Abe and Elizabeth Platt. Two pedestrians, two innocent lives killed. Both women were simply standing on the sidewalk in the path of the McAlister's careening vehicle. Police found drugs and a handgun in the car....

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Recall Chesa Boudin Team


The Recall Team

FACT: We are a grass-roots, people-powered coalition of concerned San Francisco voters

FACT: We are independent, have no ties to any federal, state or local political party nor their donations

FACT: None of our team members are candidates for federal, state or local elected office

FACT: We're proudly funded overwhelmingly by local individual donors, not corporate money