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We are the committee of registered San Francisco voters united to recall district attorney Chesa Boudin. Join our diverse coalition across the city who demand change. We are leading this urgent call to action.


Join the Recall Effort, email us at office@RecallChesaBoudin.org


The malicious actions of San Francisco's District Attorney Chesa Boudin must stop. Our beloved city has seen an astronomical increase in crime, even under Covid-19 restrictions. In 2020, violent crime, home invasions, rampant and unchecked drug dealing and business property theft have turned our city upside down.

Every resident and every visitor to San Francisco is a potential target.
Our homes, our property and our lives are at risk.

Elected November, 2019, Mr. Boudin has been in office barely a year, and in his disastrous social experiment of criminal justice "reform" and the so-called restorative justice model, he has instead dismantled the criminal justice system. This was not by accident- Mr. Boudin has actually planned to allow mayhem on San Francisco's streets and in our homes. He schemes to vastly favor criminals over law-abiding citizens.



The Recall will rely on donations from the public, from both within the city of San Francisco and beyond, to proceed with our efforts. Expenses can include: Email platform, website, phone systems, government and publishing fees, printing costs, postage, banners, signage, credit card facility setup and processing, and retaining an attorney to represent our committee's best interests.






First begun as a Change.org petition (January 2nd, 2021) demanding SF District Attorney Chesa Boudin resign, Richie Greenberg, long time SF resident, business consultant, political commentator and former candidate for mayor oversaw the petition which garnering 15,000 online signatures within days. Copies of the petition and signers were ultimately delivered to San Francisco Mayor London Breed and the Board of Supervisors to have them add their voice to the demand. But this was merely a demand Mr. Boudin resign. He ultimately would not.

The online "Demand to Resign" transitioned to become a full legal recall movement shortly afterwards. Greenberg became the organizer by filing the legal paperwork, establishing a committee of San Francisco experienced community advocates and neighborhood and social media organizers from around the city. Greenberg is now the committee's Media Spokesman.

Beginning February 4, 2021, the drafting and signing of the "Notice of Intent", was the first step in a series of legal requirements necessary to begin a recall effort. Putting the word out to the city, calling for signers as proponents of the Notice, Greenberg received nearly 500 responses. He then selected and organized 29 to become the official Recall Proponents, representing voters from The Richmond, the Sunset, the Marina, Nob Hill, Bernal Heights, the Castro, the Mission/SOMA, Portero Hill, and MidtownTerrace/Forest Hill areas. The proponents are as diverse as San Francisco itself: Asian, African-American, White, Russian, Latino, young and old, married, single, gay, straight, new parents, elderly immigrants, long time residents, new to the city and native-born concerned San Franciscans. "The Committee Supporting the Recall of District Attorney Chesa Boudin" is now a mere few weeks away from gaining approval to begin signature gathering. The combined forces of the recall committee and recall proponents lead the effort. If you are interested in joining the committee, please contact office@recallchesaboudin.org .



The Recall process requires important documents be created, completed and filed with the Department of Elections, in San Francisco City Hall. Here is an archive of documents, articles and letters for download.

Letter to Mayor London Breed, 1/8/2021

Complaints by SF Residents, 1/9/2021

Public Comment 2/7 to 2/26/2021

Grounds for Recall, 2/2/2021

Who Endorsed Chesa for DA 2019?



The recall requires paper petitions, signed in person. Current law prohibits on-line signatures. THE PETITION WILL BE AVAILABLE SHORTLY, ONCE THE DEPARTMENT OF ELECTIONS APPROVES THE FORM. Please subscribe to our newsletter below to be alerted to the start of signature gathering.



Listen to Leigh Frazier, one of the co-signers of the Notice of Intent to recall:



MARCH 2nd 2021: Documents have been filed, bank account open and we now have capability to accept donations via credit card or Paypal on this website. Also, Notice of Intent to Recall, signed by or 29 Proponents/San Franciscan voters, has been submitted to the Department of Elections, with a copy served on DA Chesa Boudin. Mr. Boudin has responded. Required public notice has successfully be published on February 25th. The actual Petition for public distribution is now pending San Francisco Department of Elections review, submitted to them on Monday March 1st.



The pending recall petition includes "Grounds for Recall", namely, why Chesa Boudin must be removed from office. These grounds are: "Dereliction of duties; malfeasance; egregious waste of taxpayers' funds to the tune of nearly $400,000/annual compensation; fostering or exacerbating a culture of privileged, incendiary and politicized rhetoric towards the public; distorting of criminal justice data; implementation of a theoretical system of criminal justice which instead agitates and upends our neighborhoods causing crime spikes in every corner of our city. By definition, the public entrusts a District Attorney to prosecute criminals, yet instead every resident, small business owner and visitor to San Francisco has now become a criminal's target, and with near impunity.


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